Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

October 23, 2021 (06:09:51 PM)


This document contains useful keyboard shortcuts for different operating systems and IDEs. We use the following symbols:

Symbol Common Name
Option (or Alt)
Command (or Cmd)
(Carriage) Return

The sections labeled with the star symbol (“*”) work generally everywhere, beyond your IDE.

More advanced shortcuts may be available to your particular IDE:

Useful Shortcuts

Build solution

OS Keys
Linux Ctrl + + B
MacOS + B
Windows Ctrl + + B

Exit any program*

OS Keys
Linux Alt + F4 or Ctrl + q
MacOS + q
Windows Alt + F4

Run/execute program

OS Keys
Linux Ctrl + F5
MacOS F5 -or- + +
Windows Ctrl + F5


OS Keys
Linux Ctrl + z
MacOS + z
Windows Ctrl + z