Undergraduate Course Assistant - What are they and how do I become one?


October 23, 2021 (06:09:50 PM)

What Is an Undergraduate Course Assistant?

In this course, an Undergraduate Course Assistant (UCA) is generally present in addition to your instructor. A UCA is a student, generally in the School of Cyber and Computer Sciences, who successfully passed CSCI 1301 and that is hired by the School to assist other students.

Their duties generally include:

Their duties can not include:

How Do I Become One?

A UCA is hired by the School upon recommendation of instructors, after discussion with our Academic Program Coordinator, and possibly our Director of Undergraduate Studies.

A UCA must:

Additionally, if a student wants to help with this particular class, then the student must have successfully passed CSCI 1301 with a grade of B or higher

A UCA will:

So, in short: talk to any CSCI 1301 instructor if you feel like becoming a UCA.

I Am a UCA, What Should I Do Now?

Congratulations! Once you have done the paperwork (contract, background request form, …) with our Academic Program Coordinator, Wennie Squires, you can start working and clock-in on augusta.edu/oneusg. Please, be on the lookout for monthly “Time Reporting Reminders for Student Assistants” emails from Wennie, that contains important information and reminders. Any question about human resource, pay, hour caps and the like should be directed to our Academic Program Coordinator.

Once this is done, your first task is to get in touch with your instructor, if they have not already done it, to know what they expect from you. You can discuss topics such as the need for (virtual or physical) office hours, whenever you need to seat in class, how to help students, etc.

On top of supporting students and helping the instructor, you are also encouraged to work up to 4 hours per week on the improvement of those resources. Your contribution may range from spell-checking to pointing inconsistencies, from clarifying statements to re-organizing exercises. Thanks to git and pull requests, you do not need to worry (too much) about introducing mistakes or blunders: the changes you suggest will always be reviewed by instructors before being merged in our master document.

Please, follow the instructions in our “Contributing Guidelines” to obtain editing permission, then review Editing instructions for UCAs and start editing!

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